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Transfer Programs

DSCC strives for the transferability of its programs of study through participation in the Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP's) as well as in articulation agreements with private and out-of-state colleges and universities. The Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) and Associate of Science in Teaching (AST) degrees are designed with the intent that graduates will transfer to a four-year institution after graduating from DSCC.


Transfer Programs at DSCC

Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Accounting Emphasis (AS)

Agricultural Business Emphasis (AS)

Agriculture – Plant & Soil Science Emphasis (AS)

Biology Emphasis (AS)

Business Administration Emphasis (AS)

Chemistry Emphasis (AS)

Criminal Justice Emphasis (AA)

Criminal Justice Emphasis (AS)

Teaching, K-6 Emphasis (AST)


Secondary Education Emphasis (AS)


English Emphasis (AA)

Exercise Science

Foreign Language Emphasis (AA)

General Studies Emphasis (AA)


General Studies Emphasis (AS)


History Emphasis (AA)

History Emphasis (AS)

Information Systems Emphasis (AS)

Mathematics Emphasis (AS)

Music Emphasis (AFA)

Pre-Health Professions Emphasis (AS)

Pre-Nursing Curriculum


Pre-Occupational Therapy Emphasis (AS)

Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis (AS)

Psychology Emphasis (AA)

Psychology Emphasis (AS)

Social Work Emphasis (AA)

Social Work Emphasis (AS)

Sociology Emphasis (AA)

Sociology Emphasis (AS)


Tennessee Transfer Pathways

A Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP) assures students who complete the prescribed curriculum that their courses will be accepted at any university in the Tennessee Board of Regents System and the University of Tennessee System as well as most private colleges and universities in Tennessee.

Watch this video to learn more about Tennessee Transfer Pathways

For more information regarding Tennessee Transfer Pathways go to the Tennessee Board of Regents Tennessee Pathways website.

Campus and Electronic Campus Website Notification

If you do not live in Tennessee and are interested in an online program offered through DSCC, please read the Campus and Electronic Campus Website Notification.